Balancing work and IVF

One concern I had when commencing fertility treatment was how I would juggle it all with work. I decided to tell my boss early on during my fertility treatment. I honestly think I would have had a breakdown if I went through the whole process without the support of my employer. I think it would have added to the stress if I chose to keep my treatment private.

As we did ovulation induction with injections prior to IVF for approximately six months, I was having scans every three days and frequent blood tests and although my work is only a 10 minute drive from the clinic, it took time to get there, find parking, have my appointment and pick up any meds. I would end up being out of the office for one or two hours at a time. I’m very lucky that I have a flexible workplace with wonderful colleagues and very supportive and understanding management. If ever there are last minute appointment changes or I’ve had to miss an important meeting at work, it’s never an issue. IVF treatment is time consuming and at times very demanding and my absence was never questioned. I think your choice to disclose your treatment will ultimately come down to your relationship with your employer and how comfortable you feel discussing it with them.

There is no right or wrong about working during fertility treatment and IVF. For me, I worked full time during ovulation induction with injections and dropped a day when I commenced IVF. Do what works for you. I know some people who have worked full time and some who have worked part time. Do what you’re comfortable with and what suits you best.


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