First IVF cycle

I was really relaxed when we commenced our first IVF cycle, probably because I had been through months of injections and we were really eager to get started.

There are four potential outcomes when it comes to your scan
1. Poor response – need to increase medication
2. Over response – monitoring for overstimulation
3. Not ready for trigger
4. Ready for trigger

A glimpse of the drug lab

Injections started on day 3 of my cycle with the aim of having 10-15 follicles for egg collection. They were different hormones and at a higher dose to ovulation induction. I was on 75iu Luveris and 100iu Bemfola every night beginning Thursday 30th March. On Tuesday 4th April I had my first scan for this cycle showing slow growing follicles that were small in size. My Bemfola dose was increased to 137.5iu, while continuing with Luveris and adding in Orgalutran from then until trigger to prevent ovulation. Orgalutran stops eggs from being released too early and is taken at the exact same time every morning. The syringe is pre-loaded and needs a real push to pierce through the skin. It was a much more controlled injection that had a real sting to it.


My next scan was on Friday 7th April and although there were an increased number of follicles growing, they remained small and insignificant. Bemfola was increase to 162.5iu and I continued taking Luveris and Orgalutran as normal. I was scanned again on Monday 10th April and the scan revealed I had 20 follicles putting me at risk of overstimulating. My medication dosage was reduced (Bemfola 100iu, stopped taking Luveris) for the final two days of injections. I had already planned to have this week off work as I had lots of time in lieu which turned out to be great timing.

Bemfola and Luveris

I knew on Monday I would find out what day egg collection would be. It was scheduled for the Thursday. By this stage my bloating was quite excessive and I could barely fit in water and food during this week. It was recommended I have small frequent snacks instead of meals in the lead up to egg collection. I could no longer wear jeans and I couldn’t go to the gym. I was just too bloated, tired and uncomfortable.

Monday and Tuesday I continued my medications at the lower dose with the addition of the trigger injection Pregnyl 5000 on the Tuesday night. Pregnyl controls the release of eggs from the ovary, causing ovulation. It comes in two glass ampoules of powder and liquid that need to be drawn up in a syringe and mixed together. I received a call from the hospital with instructions on the Tuesday night about my Thursday procedure and timing for the Pregnyl trigger. I was told to administer the trigger at exactly 8.40pm, 36 hours before my egg collection. I was to fast from midnight to 6am with only sips of water allowed. No water was to be consumed from 6am until after the egg collection. The side effects I had from the triggers I had during the course of my treatment were bloating and night sweats. There were a number of nights I’d wake up soaking wet from head to toe – to the point I would have to change my clothes a couple of times during the night. Of course, I complained at the time, but these side effects were nothing compared to what I faced after egg collection.


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