Initial information and IVF costs

After you have met with your FS and all of the relevant testing is conducted, you and your partner will require police checks, child protection orders and will need to participate in a mandatory counselling session where you are given the chance to ask any questions, raise concerns, discuss and sign consent forms. You will also meet with your nurse who will go through with you a detailed example of your treatment plan and visual slides of what happens during the egg retrieval and transfer. Daniel was not impressed to learn of the invasive details! The session went for about 90 minutes and was information overload. We both walked out a little speechless. Know that you don’t need to remember everything that was said during this appointment. Your nurse and FS are always available for questions or concerns and are with you every step of the way. When you get to your IVF cycle, you’re given a thorough plan of what to do each day and at what time. Here is an example of the cycle plan we were presented with at our initial appointment with our nurse.


The clinic will also get you in touch with someone from the accounts department who will discuss payment options with you. We were given an initial quote of $10,000 – $12,600 per cycle, yes PER CYCLE, excluding the cost of meds and egg retrieval. What a joke!! We had the option of paying the full amount up front at the beginning of the cycle, 50% at the start and 50% at the end or the full amount to be paid after egg collection. We opted for the last option. You aren’t given any notice as to the exact day payment will be taken so don’t be alarmed when your bank account is down $10,000+.


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